Professional Raw Organisation was founded by the legendary powerlifter and strongman, Sandro Eusebio. It is an elite powerlifting federation, based in Portugal where the world championships are held annually in October. “India is a massive country with an amazing talent pool and passion for powerlifting. Along with Saad and his team, we hope to bring the best out of the athletes by providing all the possible opportunities to help them grow.”

 – Sandro Eusebio

Saad Khayoom is the official promoter and President for PRO in India. He is the current raw national champion and record holder in World Powerlifting Congress under the guidance of Filipa Vicente (World Powerlifting Champion, Portuguese and Thai National Champion). “The goal is to provide the best platform for existing and upcoming athletes of India, and bring international recognition for their accomplishments. With the first national championships held in March, 2022, we saw innumerable national records and multiple world records set by excellent athletes. We are super excited to host the 1st National Squat Only Championships.

When? – The PRO National Squat Championship will be held during on Aug 28, 2022.

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How to Register?

Online –

For any queries, please Whatsapp 7411234533 or email

Age Categories

Men and Women – Open : From 13 years upward.


1 – From 13 years to and including 15 years of age.

2 – From 16 years to and including 17 years of age.

3 – From 18 years to and including 19 years of age.


1 – From 20 years to and including 23 years of age.


1 – From 24 years to and including 39 years of age.


1 – From 40 years to and including 44 years of age.

2 – From 45 years to and including 49 years of age.

3 – From 50 years to and including 54 years of age.

4 – From 55 years to and including 59 years of age.

5 – From 60 years to and including 64 years of age.

6 – From 65 years to and including 69 years of age.

7 – From 70 years to and including 74 years of age.

8 – From 75 years to and including 79 years of age.

9 – From 80 years upward.

Body Weight Categories


-52kg, -56kg, -60kg, -67.5kg, -75kg, -82.5kg, -90kg, -100kg, -110kg, -125kg, -140kg, +140kg


-44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -56kg, -60kg, -67.5kg, -75kg, -82.5kg, -90kg, +90kg

Prize Money

Rs 15,000 for Best Overall Squat - Men
Rs 15,000 for Best Overall Squat - Women

The best overall lifter is calculated using Glossbrenner's Formula.

Significant Rules/Regulations

  • There are 4 attempts for Squats, instead of the usual 3 attempts across other organisations/federations.
  • A maximum time of 1 minute will be given to perform the lift once the bar is loaded.
  • Mandatory – Singlet, Socks, Shoes
  • Knee sleeves/wraps are NOT allowed on Squats. All athletes will squat open/bare knees.
  • Optional – A powerlifting leather belt (with the same width) is allowed. Velcro belts are not allowed.
  • Optional – Chalk, wrist wraps (without thumb loop).


As a raw only organisation, we strive to host high quality events across India in raw powerlifting, along with bench press and deadlift only events, with our flagship Push-Pull championships.

There is an incredible amount of powerlifting talent and potential in India. Our mission at PRO is to provide one of the best platforms for the athletes and provide them support wherever possible.

Every year, we select the best of athletes to represent India at the Asian, European, and World Championships.