About Us

PRO - Professional Raw Organisation was founded by Sandro Eusebio, arguably Portugal’s best ever strength athlete.

Saad Khayoom  (WPC Raw Nationals U82.5 Winner and National Record Holder) is currently part of the international promoters, and responsible for organising events in India.

Under the leadership of Saad, we are the official Indian affiliate of Professional Raw Organisation (aka PRO League International).

As a raw only organisation, we strive to host high quality events across India in raw powerlifting, along with bench press and deadlift only events, with our flagship Push & Pull championships.

A primary difference between PRO and almost every organisation/federation in India is that raw under PRO is truly raw - it does not include any knee covering (knee sleeves or knee wraps) on squats.

Additionally, no knees sleeves are permitted on deadlifts.
No elbow sleeves can be worn on squat, bench or deadlifts.
However, belts and wrist wraps are permitted.

There is an incredible amount of powerlifting talent and potential in India.
Our mission at PRO is to provide one of the best platforms for the athletes and provide them support wherever possible.

Every year, we select the best of athletes to represent India at the Asian, European, and World Championships.